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Get The Best Forex Exchange Near You

Those days are gone , when people used to depend on Moneychangers and Banks for Forex exchange. In this digital age, you can exchange money online with the best possible deal. Forex process conversions let you exchange money with real-time rates. A Bank may offer you a fixed rate for Forex exchange but online sites offer you flexible rates. 

An online site like has 5000+ different partners and banks in more than 650 Indian cities. The site makes sure that Forex exchange becomes a hassle-free task for you. Online sites offer you a seamless process that saves on your time and money. With home delivery assistance, you’ll be able to get the best deal in no time. 

Avail money exchange near you 

An online site like offers you transparent, live and competitive exchange rates. Book your rate at live currency update without any hidden exceptions. The best part is, the site lets you lock your rate for three days. 

Get same-day delivery if your exchange is above 50,000. With hundreds of locations in India, you’ll be able to exchange Forex from any convenient location. 

The site offers travel cards and loyalty programs on the exchange of money as well. You’ll be able to exchange money at various banks without the involvement of moneychangers. 

Forex exchange is now an easier process 

Forex rates keep changing according to economic and market conditions. Banks often offer you rates according to their terms. But, online Forex sites like offer you rates that are updated 24/7. The live market exchange rates provide complete expediency.

With a great lock-in period, you can choose the lowest rate possible. You’ll get the benefit of the exact rate for exchange. There are no hidden charges to be paid on Forex exchange

Unlike Moneychangers and Banks that charge an amount for exchange, online sites offer the lowest possible costs and no added charges on the exchange of money. 

Forex exchange ways 

You can get deals on Forex exchange by visiting nearby banks. However, they do charge for exchange depending on your amount and rate of exchange. Moneychangers charge extra for exchange and it is a traditional way to exchange. 

Then there are airport kiosks where you can exchange money. But, again on arrival, you’ll have to pay extra for exchange. So, the best option to exchange money is through online sites. 

Online sites offer you many features apart from Forex exchange. From travel cards to Forex card and travelers’ cheque, you’ll be able to choose according to your foreign trip.

The role of rates 

When you choose to exchange money near you, pay special heed to rates. Rates do play a big role in the Forex exchange. Online exchange sites like offer live rates that are sifted by Forex vendors, which are listed on the site. With the freeze Forex rate feature, you’ll be able to lock the rate with 2% of the upfront charge. 

The remaining balance can be paid within three days of freezing the rate. Irrespective of the market fluctuations, you’ll be able to get the benefit of the best rate possible. The site also offers a rate alert feature that sends you notification based on the rate that you desire. You’ll be able to exchange on the viable rate. 

Get the best rate,

Forex exchange can be availed using the best technology possible. And, with online options, you’ll get the best customer service too. You don’t have to wait for days to exchange your money. You can do it in a couple of hours without any added charges. 

If you are planning a foreign trip and you need to exchange your money, then an online site like offers you the best rate. The innovative way to exchange money has truly conceptualized the money market. People always turn to options that save their time and effort. 

Online sites for Forex exchange provide the best possible features with exchange and that makes all the difference. Get the best money exchange near me as online sites offer different location convenience. 


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